We won!

Goat on a Boat has won the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award 2020 in the 5-8 age group!

Tim Kittel, Speech Pathology Australia National President, said:

“This year the winning book in this category was the first choice of six of the eight members of the judging panel. This is a remarkable and outstanding result for any book in any category…

“The judges’ citation for Goat on a Boat reads: ‘Goat on a Boat is an excellent, thought-provoking book exploring the age-relevant themes of acceptance, bullying, friendship and standing up for others. These big themes are presented using a strong narrative format, appealing characters and bright, contrasting illustrations. The vocabulary is amusing and rich, and the rhyming format and text presentation adds to the story’s readability and appeal.

“‘This wonderful story provides children with an opportunity to explore and discuss recognisable social issues in a thoroughly engaging way. The book’s strong narrative encourages predictive and problem-solving skills whilst the characters are funny and relatable. This is an entertaining story where the illustrations and the text work together beautifully to create real meaning.’

“Congratulations to both Nick and Suzanne. Goat on a Boat is a tremendous book.”

You can watch the ceremony here or on YouTube and hear me reading the book as well. There are several deserving books awarded during the presentation, and Goat on a Boat shows up around the 17 minute mark.

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