About Nick


My name is Nick Dent. I'm a writer based in Sydney and I have written my first children’s picture book, Goat on a Boat !

I’ve always liked picture books but it wasn’t until I had two boys of my own and started to read to them that I thought about writing one. And that’s when the Goat on a Boat and his friend, Fleecy Jean, popped into my head.

I am not so good at drawing, but luckily the talented Suzanne Houghton liked the story enough to want to illustrate it for me, and she has done a tip-top job.

The lovely people at Scholastic Australia published the book on June 1, 2019 and you can order it here. If you have trouble ordering the book from booksellers, by all means get in contact with me and I can help!

Photograph: Stefanie Thoms